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  • Eylül 23rd, 2020
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Founder of Natus Vincere ZeroGravity Alexander Kochanowski revealed the plan by which the Ukrainian professional eSports Association (UPEA) plans to eSports in the country to a new level. Strategy The presentation took place on 17 September. ZeroGravity story began with the transfer of Ukraine’s achievements in e-sports. He noted that in the country there are several large companies working in this business, as well as indicating that Ukraine is among the top ten countries on the results of competitive players. But if you do not change the entire system, to maintain this position is almost impossible. Alexander ZeroGravity Kochanowski: “If we look at the dynamics of the prize won by us, <...> then it goes down. We lack the feeding of certain players, we do not have enough infrastructure facilities, tournaments, to nurture generations of players who can act on them. If we take the ratings of countries on e-sports, which is composed of different parameters such as the number of professional players, the presence of professional teams, infrastructure, operators tournament, Ukraine clearly falls in the top 10. But I’ll be honest, that in the next three or four years we can leave the top ten, and very easy. Therefore, our task – to get into the top 5 countries in the development of e-sports and stand on a par with the United States, South Korea and China. ” ZeroGravity noted that the new plan for the development of eSports includes assistance from the state. Alexander ZeroGravity Kochanowski: “How can we do this? We go probably unprecedented maneuver and are trying to combine the professional level, the state and the amateur level. Why does this have to do? The main difference from the sport eSports – is that in sports the IP-rights do not belong to anyone. Anyone can organize competitions in football, basketball. It’s not a problem. There are associations and federations, which are fully controlled by the amateur level, semi-professional and professional. The eSports IP-rights belong to the developers of computer games, and they control the entire ecosystem. Therefore, when we talk about the associations and federations in eSports, they give a very small number of games. In order to build this bridge between the ecosystem and developers, we combine the professional level (teams, players, tournament operators – that is, all those who work with the professionals), the amateur level (associations, federations, computer clubs) and the state. As the eSport – a uniquely innovative economy is the creative economy and 100% is the digital transformation of the society, we definitely need the help of the state. ” ZeroGravity noted that the new ecosystem will consist of five components – sports, society, science, education and infrastructure. On each he told separately. Alexander ZeroGravity Kochanowski: “Let’s start with the sports part. First, we construct a complete system of tournaments from amateurs to professionals and semi-professionals. <...> School and college league – is the basis for all amateurs, who could start with them, and a business league. Semi-can participate in the Ukrainian Cup tournaments, and professional – in the professional eSports league, which we plan to launch in 2022. Now we go to the educational, social and scientific projects. Primarily, this cyber education. <...> We would like to start with the academy at one of the higher educational institutions. We also want to develop undergraduate and graduate. In the end we want to eSports appeared as an elective and as a subject in schools and universities. ” Kochanowski also pointed out that higher education institutions and schools will need to establish the scientific and methodological basis for the preparation of competitive players. According ZeroGravity, the federation will conduct research and look for ways to increase the productivity of such education. He also listed the “three pillars” on which will be built a new eSports infrastructure of Ukraine. They were multi-purpose arena, the world’s first eSport hotel and 20 modern computer clubs. At the end of the presentation ZeroGravity announced the next global goal UPEA until 2025. The association wants to improve awareness of the concept of “e-sports”, to attract investment, to spend a few international tournaments, open Ukrainian-studio that will produce content and increase audience, the number of professional players and teams in the country. In late August Kochanowski announced plans to open a hotel in Kiev eSports. To this end, he and a group of investors bought the hotel “Dnepr” for $ 40 million. https://skepter.ru