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Testosterone was first used as a clinical drug as early as 1937, but with little understanding of its mechanisms. The hormone is now widely prescribed to men whose bodies naturally produce low levels.

You may notice abnormalities in body hair, like the growth of more hair than is typical for you on your face, chest, and back . You could also experience balding from having too many hormones called androgens in your body.

It’s probably no surprise that excess alcohol or drug use, whether it’s medical or recreational, can also decrease testosterone levels . Yet it’s important to note that most of the positive research has been conducted in mice or infertile humans with low testosterone levels.

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One study showed that a moderate reduction in carb intake reduced blood insulin concentrations among women with PCOS . Reducing your carb intake may improve the hormonal imbalance linked to PCOS and boost weight loss in women with PCOS. Even without omega-3 supplements what is the best diet plan, adequate intake of healthy fats may also improve insulin resistance.

Changes in your sexual health could be a sign of abnormal T levels. This can include trouble getting or keeping an erection, also called erectile dysfunction , a reduced desire to have sex, and a lower than normal sperm count. This is a problem because strong research shows a link between low testosterone and obesity, increased disease risk and premature death. From the age of 25–30, a man’s testosterone levels naturally start to decline.

  • Other studies have found a rise of PSA levels after 3 months , some only after 12 months .
  • A rise in PSA levels was noticed after 6 months, whereafter over the following 24 months there was no significant further increase .
  • An increase in prostate volume was noted after 3 months and after 12 months .
  • In a study of 81 hypogonadal men (mean age 56.8 years) followed for a mean of 33.8 (6–144) months PSA levels did not increase significantly at 1-year intervals for 5 years .

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Side effects include irregular or absent periods, hair loss, excess hair growth, acne, weight gain, depression and fertility problems. Treating your symptoms may be an easy initial way to reduce the effects of high T on your body. Getting regular exercise and eating a diet of whole, nutrient-dense foods can help you naturally boost T levels. This can also help you lose excess weight caused by T imbalances and get more of the nutrients you need to support T production in your body.

The low-GI diet usually consists of eating whole fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean protein and healthy fats. It also involves avoiding most processed or refined carbs, including sugary foods and drinks. In fact, in overweight women, as little as a 5% weight loss can restore irregular periods and boost ovulation .

In the elderly, vitamin D and calcium also optimized testosterone levels, which led to a reduced risk of falling . For both optimal health and hormone levels, you should try to reduce repetitive stressful situations in your life. Constant dieting or overeating may disrupt your testosterone levels . What you eat has a major impact on testosterone as well as other hormone levels .